Disney Farts, French Prisoners and Ben Franklin the Drunk

1.  Prisoners in France do not wear uniforms, and are instead able to buy “normal clothes.”  The uniforms were abolished there in 1983.  If they can’t afford to buy their own, they can request free clothing, which is provided for by charities.

2.  Ben Franklin once published a book called “The Drinker’s Dictionary” with 200 different terms to describe being drunk.  They included things ranging from “He’s seen the devil” to “juicy.”

3.  Mosquitoes like biting people with type O blood more than any other blood type.  Other things that attract them are sweat . . . having alcohol in your bloodstream . . . being pregnant . . . and wearing black, dark blue, or red.

4.  Pumbaa from “The Lion King” was the first character to break wind in a Disney movie.

5.  Boardwalks didn’t get their name because they’re wooden boards you walk on.  They’re named after the guy who came up with the idea to set up the first one in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the 1870s:  Alexander Boardman.