Richard Branson Went to Space

RICHARD BRANSON made his space flight yesterday which essentially makes him the first guy to build his own rocket and blast himself into orbit.

At 71, he’s also the second-oldest guy in space. JOHN GLENN was 77 when he went up on the shuttle in 1998.

Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight went 53 miles above the New Mexico desert, achieving weightlessness for three to four minutes. The ship had five other crew members.

Branson was originally supposed to go up later this summer, but he moved his flight up after JEFF BEZOS announced he was going up there on July 20th. Branson claims he wasn’t trying to outdo Bezos, but it’s a battle of the crazy rich dudes so yes, yes, he was.

Bezos sent his congratulations to Branson on Instagram and said, “Can’t wait to join the club.”

Branson live-streamed the event with STEPHEN COLBERT as master of ceremonies, and KHALID performing his new single, New Normal. Now we wait and see what over the top antics Bezos comes up with.