Justin Bieber Dropped $1K on Weed and Did Not Yell at His Wife

If you wondered how autobiographical JUSTIN BIEBER’S Peaches is, the answer is very. He really does get his weed in California. So much so that he dropped a thousand dollars on weed products in L.A.

justin bieber
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

He bought peach edibles and one of every weed strain, with names like Pink Picasso, Orange Sunset, and Melon O.G.

The co-founder of the company said, “He was very interested in cannabis and how beneficial it is . . . loves how the stigma is changing and he smokes blunts!”

In other Justin news, there was a video that was posted where it looks like he’s angrily yelling at his wife, HAILEY, but witnesses said he wasn’t yelling out of anger; he was just amped up on adrenaline because he had just performed.

They were in Vegas to celebrate the launch of KENDALL JENNER’s 818 Tequila (which is basically sold out already).