New Netflix Show “Snowflake Mountain” Puts Gen Zers in the Wilderness

Please note I’m as tired of hearing about “snowflakes” as you are, but Netflix is embracing it. They just dropped a show today that puts spoiled Gen Zers into the wilderness, and of course they’re calling it Snowflake Mountain.

netflix logo
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Netflix is defining the term “snowflake” as someone who is overly emotional, easily offended, and dramatic (which honestly sounds like everyone on every reality show ever). They’re taking 10 of these 20-something-year-old “kidults” who refuse to grow up and get a job and sending them into the wilderness to compete for $50,000 while learning survival skills.

But here’s my favorite part. The contestants didn’t sign up for the competition. They thought they were going to a luxury resort for a party, but were tricked by their parents who are hoping to push them to grow up.

One of the contestants said, “It humbled me, for a fact. It made me feel more prepared for any situation. You could stick me in the wilderness right now, and I’ve got you.”

Sounds like even if it wasn’t fully mission accomplished, it at least turned them into Boy Scouts.

— Jenn