Hey #indy! It’s National Water Park Day!

Today is National Water Park Day. yep. listen to the Smiley Morning Show to win tickets to Kentucky Kingdom and their water park Hurricane Bay!

When is National Waterpark Day?
National Waterpark Day occurs on July 28th.

What is National Waterpark Day?
Splish-splash your way through the hottest time of the year. At the height of summer, National Waterpark Day calls us to cool off in the nation’s waterparks.

The end of July beckons us to the poolside, to the wave pool, to the eighty-foot tall slides mounted on steel towers. Waterparks have something for everyone, thrill-seekers and lazy vacationers alike. Roller coasters are fine for most people, but waterparks specialize in cooling off.

Many waterparks are all-in-one resorts, complete with spas and hotels. Even smaller parks offer plenty of amenities though. So don’t wait too late. Start making plans to arrive at your next waterpark on National Waterpark Day.