Four Random Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

Here are four random things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet . . .

  1. Food. Sure, your . . . um . . . toilet deposits contain former food. But it’s digested and soft. Uneaten food can be too big for pipes to handle and lead to blockages.
  2. Hair. What happens if you . . . or your cats . . . swallow a bunch of hair? It can form a hairball in your throat. Pipes are kinda like your throat. Flush enough hair and it can form a hairball that blocks things.
  3. Chewed gum. Gum never breaks down. So it can clog your pipes . . . and when it makes it back to the waterways, it eventually decomposes into microplastics. And those are a huge problem for the fish and the planet.
  4. Medicine. The FDA has a list of some drugs that are safe to flush . . . but it’s easier just to get rid of old medicine the right way. That means: A disposal location, like at a pharmacy or hospital.