Miley Cyrus Releases New Single ‘Used To Be Young’

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The hit “Flowers” singer Miley Cyrus has just released her latest single “Used To Be Young” after a week of teasing her fans. Fans noticed posters popping up worldwide with lyrics referencing previous hits such as “that dream I’m dreamin’ from “The Climb”, “I came in like a wrecking ball” from “Wrecking Ball,” and “I can buy myself flowers” from “Flowers” before teasing the latest lyric addition to Cyrus’ catalog: “I used to be young.”

Cyrus has had an array of scandals throughout her storied career. One of her most notable, the 2013 VMA’s performance, celebrates it’s tenth anniversary today, August 25th. Ahead of her new single’s release, Cyrus posted on her social platforms confirming the date was not coincidental, and that she chose today as the release date “because this particular date, historically, has been important to me personally and in my career.”

Cyrus can be seen wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt in her new video, referencing her days under the Disney machine, as she tearfully sings “I know I used to be crazy, I know I used to be fun.” The video itself is reminiscent of the singer’s own “Wrecking Ball” video featuring zoomed in shots of Cyrus’s raw emotions as she sings the song gradually becoming more accepting of her journey. The reflective yet hopeful song is out now.