What do you get with a 20-something chick with two college degrees who landed in radio instead? IT ME!

I’m Emily! I’m in the middle of a quarter-life crisis right now, so you’re likely to hear about my dirty hair and my awkward dating life. Oh, and of course I’m finding myself… starting with my hair color. I love my natural blonde hair, but I’m playing around with it the same way dudes play with my heart. Cute, right? (It’s orange right now! What’s next?)

Since the start of the pandemic, I’m now the proud owner of many pairs of jogger sweatpants and an expert on The Great British Baking Show, which is what I like to watch while I’m knitting stuff. I’m sort of a grandma in that way.

I’m actually an aunt, which is as close to human-parenting as I want to get. My 4-year-old nephew and the radio are the only two things that stop me from dropping some of my favorite words. 😉

My family is a key part of me. I’m one of four girls and a fairly well-adjusted middle child because of these people:

I get excited about celebrities getting face tats, binge-worthy tv shows with lots of seasons, and saving money. If I’m into and I think you’ll be into it… I’m gonna write a blog about it! Down there!