Smiley’s Secret Sound

Smiley’s famous SECRET SOUND is back!! 

Listen to The Smiley Morning Show every weekday at 7:30am. We’ll play a sound. Do you know what it is? Just call 317-228-1099 for a chance to win!

If you know the sound, you’ll win the cash! If you don’t know it, we’ll increase the jackpot each day. Don’t miss the Secret Sound, sponsored by Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing!

Last Secret Sound Correct Answer on 5/3 Was …. TYING YOUR SHOES!

Secret Sound Wrong Guesses:

Mon 5/6 $50 – Cutting up veggies
Tues 5/7 $100 – Frying an Egg on a Skillet
Wed 5/8 $150 – Shuffling Cards
Thurs 5/9 $200 – Cutting Honeycomb
Fri 5/10 $250 – Shucking Corn

Mon 5/13 $300 – Chopping Lettuce
Tues 5/14 $350 – Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg
Wed 5/15 $400 – Pulling Tape off a Package