Is Halsey Dropping Hints About Her Upcoming Album??

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Just days ago, Halsey released her newest single, “Nightmare.” It’s a scream-y, powerful jam and the video is angsty AF. Halsey has briefly discussed her next album, but details like it’s release date are still up in the air… Unless she’s dropping hints in her new video.

Fans are theorizing that her album will release this October:

Some have gone so far as to guess the album name to be “Maniac”:

In the following video, Halsey talks about the upcoming album and talks about “H3” as the album, although that could be a placeholder for an album name if she wants it to be a secret.

How about that “A1” part on the mugshot letterboard? Some say it may be Halsey’s third album, but that it will be Ashley’s first. (FYI Halsey’s given name is Ashley Frangipane.) Takes me back to when Miley Cyrus broke away from the Hannah Montana image to pursue music that was more in line with how she viewed herself… Could that be happening here? I guess we will find out in October –maybe. Bring it, Ashley.