Carter – M-F 10a-3p

I grew up here in Indianapolis.  I went to Lawrence Central High School right down the street and then IU in Bloomington where I graduated in 2016.  I was a Smiley Morning Show assistant producer who hosted a Sunday night request show on WZPL before moving to Minnesota to run my own morning show.  I produced a morning show in Columbus, OH before coming back home!  My main goal with work is to have fun and be happy!  I’m thrilled to back in Indy at WZPL.

My interests include cycling, craft beer, and Indy sports.  Kurt Vonnegut (another Hoosier native) is my favorite author.  I’ve read almost all of his novels (just 3 left!).  I’m also a huge tv nerd and will give anything a shot.

My favorite movies are Everything, Everywhere, All At Once and Breaking Away.

I have an unnatural fear of sweatpants!  Yes, I know that I’m the weird one.