Otter Pops Ditch The Artificial Coloring—Check Out Their New Beige Popsicles [PHOTO]

Otter Pops
ID 20056015 © Jack Schiffer |

This summer might look – and taste – a little different. You’ve probably enjoyed an Otter Pop or two in your lifetime. My favorites have always been red and blue…because you know, colors ARE flavors.

But things are about to change. More specifically, the colors are about to change.

According to TODAY, Otter Pops is doing away with the artificial dyes, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup. And getting rid of that stuff makes the popsicles a refreshing yellow/beigey color.

The good news is that both the brightly colored and not-so brightly colored options will be available side-by-side in stores nationwide.