Krispy Kreme Is Rolling Out 2 New Reese’s Donuts

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Shout out to modern technology and the great minds that are combining arguably 2 of the greatest things there are: Reese’s and Krispy Kreme. This isn’t the first time they have come together, but this latest promotion might top the last one. Today, Krispy Kreme announced another dream collaboration between the 2 brands.

Not only are we getting brand new Reese’s donuts… There are TWO kinds (they aim to please). According to Delish, there will be a Peanut Butter Lovers and a Chocolate Lovers. There are some subtle yet distinct differences…

While both are chocolate-based, the Peanut Butter Lovers donut will have a chocolate-peanut butter filling with a peanut butter icing. The Chocolate Lovers will have a plain peanut butter filling and a chocolate icing. You can get BOTH in a 2-pack for a limited time.

The best part about all this… it’s already done. So check your go-to spots for Krispy Kremes to see if they came in yet!