Snap It Out Of Existence, You Little Thanos!






The following blog uses 3 profanities, but this is the Internet.

The big bad guy in the Marvel Movies is a real asshole named Thanos.  Spoiler alert:  he eventually collects all these things called “Infinity Stones” that allow him to snap his fingers and take out half of all living things in the universe.  That sounds scary, for sure, BUT that power, IN THE RIGHT HANDS (or “right hand” because it was only one glove of stones) could do the world some good, RIGHT?!!  So, what would you snap out of existence forever if you could?  And before you say all the ‘Look What A Great Person You Are, Karen!’ stuff like “cancer” or “suffering or “hunger,”  don’t forget about fuggin’ MOSQUITOS!  I’d snap those little biting bitches out, ASAP, like the biggest backyard bug zapper the universe has ever seen.