Drinking at Work? You’re Not Alone.

A survey found 34% of Americans have had an adult beverage or two during work hours.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The state most likely to take down the boozeahol while at work is Alaska which I want to say tracks what with it being cold and dark there all the time. The rest of the top ten looks like Maine, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, INDIANA, and Connecticut.

I’d say I’m proud of us making the top ten, but I’m also afraid that means we all have unhealthy work stress coping mechanisms so maybe I should hold off on the high fives.

The survey also asked what type of boozeahol people prefer to drink at work: 27 states voted for liquor, 18 voted for beer, and only five picked wine. Smart. The wine just makes you tired which makes your boss suspicious. I assume.