Should You Split The Bill On A First Date?


A new study reported by is claiming that a small majority of people (56%) say that people should always split the bill on a first date. Most people expect the other party to at least OFFER but usually plan to turn them down and pay the entire thing.  I can understand that from a certain angle it does seem more fair to split it since you both aren’t sure if it will work out, it’s a gamble therefore you’re both investing in that gamble. Plus, a lot of our dating traditions come from a long time ago when people weren’t closer to being equals in society as we are now which is why often in hetero dating it’s the man expected to pay. In my single days I remember always offering but if I’m honest I would only insist on paying my half if I wasn’t into someone. I felt guilty that they would buy me dinner if I didn’t expect to see them again.  It’s all such an awkward song and dance. If you can figure out a decent system that doesn’t make you squirmy as hell then good for you!