Would You Rather: Work From Home or Head Back to the Office?

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be back in the ZPL studio. I miss it. I miss the random surprises that the Smiley Morning Show would unintentionally leave me (like huge knives and bull horns) and I even strangely miss how cold you have to keep the studio for the equipment.

However, not a lot of people feel the same as me. According to a recent study, 40% of people would actually take a pay cut to be able to work from home ~permanently~. 1/3 of people would quit if they were required to go back to work.

I will say, I am definitely getting used to being able to talk on the air without pants on (the last time I tried that I got yelled at) but I really do miss the studio experience so fingers crossed we’re able to go back soon.

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