Road Trip Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget


I’m leaving with the family to Mammoth Cave this weekend and I was looking up road trip must-haves so I didn’t get caught off guard on my first kid-laden road trip! Here were some ideas I found that you may not have thought of….

Ziplock bags! Wet swimsuits, small toys, half eaten food you want to bring along- you can shove it all into a gallon size bag.


A really good roadside emergency kit. Flares, bungee cords, jumper cables, some first aid supplies, gloves, etc. Always better to be safe than sorry.


A portable charger! If the car battery dies and your phone isn’t charged you could be in bad shape. Have a fully charged battery option so you can call if you need help.


Water bottles- reusable or not but if you end up in a survival situation and you need to drink and then maybe even collect water later you’ll be glad you have that.