Check Out Downtown’s New Food Hall: The AMP


I had a chance to peruse the new food hall right near the Stadium Lofts Downtown (You: I don’t know where that is. Me: That’s the Old Busch Stadium.) . If you have been to Bottleworks off Mass Ave you’ll find The AMP is a similar concept with some fun added shipping containers as the frame for many of the restaurants. My husband and I tried to get a bunch of food from many places and split it so we could try more than once place which I highly recommend. Even then we only were able to get through 3 before we were too full to keep going. We had Azucar Morena (which also has a location in Bottleworks), Frankie’s Howlin’ Good Pizza, Taste of Innova, and Mambo’s Cheesesteak Grill. All delicious but we have to keep going back to check out the bougie PB&J Factory, the awesome salad place Prox, and a ton of other awesome restaurants. If you want to see the whole list CLICK HERE!!


Plus there are many more “coming soon” options so you could probably visit over and over again and get new experiences every time!