Benihana, PBR, and Bada Bing

1.  DJ Steve Aoki is the heir to the Benihana restaurant franchise.

2.  There’s only one incorporated town in the U.S. with a population of ONE:  Monowi, Nebraska.  The woman who lives there is 87-year-old Elsie Eiler.

In the recent 2020 census, the population grew to TWO, but nobody moved in.  A spokesperson for the U.S. Census Bureau said that it was actually a form of “noise” added to the data to protect the anonymity of census respondents.

3.  James Caan was improvising when he said “bada-bing” in “The Godfather” . . . but it became a catchphrase for mobsters in movies and real life.

4.  Bill Withers wrote Ain’t No Sunshine when he was working at a factory making toilet seats for airplanes.  And he intended to write more lyrics for the part where he repeats “I know” 26 times, but other musicians told him to leave it.

5.  During Prohibition, the Pabst Brewing Company stayed alive by making a cheese called Pabst-ett.