Bulletproof Phones, Free Food, and a Pirate Eye Patch

1.  There’s a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas called Taste Community that’s donation based.  You pay whatever you can afford, so people who are struggling can always get a free meal.  But other people pay extra, because they want to support the place.  It opened in 2017, but it’s in the news now because they just served their 100,000th meal.

2.  A guy in Brazil says his cell phone saved his life last Thursday . . . when it stopped a BULLET during an armed robbery.  He posted some photos of the phone.  And the case it was in happened to have a picture of The Hulk on it.

3.  A kid in Arizona opted to get the vaccine on his 12th birthday, as soon as he qualified.  But he didn’t want to see the needle in his peripheral vision, so he wore a pirate eye patch to his appointment.