Taco Bell Is Giving You Free Tacos From Anywhere

Taco Bell won the war on Taco Tuesday. Awhile back, they utilized litigation against taco chain, Taco John’s, to get the rights to use Taco Tuesday. Taco John’s trademarked the term making any restaurant unable to market their tacos as Taco Tuesday. Taco Bell won and to celebrate, they are offering all of us tacos from anywhere today! If you order Mexican food on Door Dash today and use the Promo Code TACOTAB, Taco Bell will pay $5 off a $15 order. You do not have to order from Taco Bell, your tacos can be from your favorite place. They are paying up to $5 million in tacos today to celebrate the liberation of Taco Tuesday!

And anyone can go into Taco Bell and get a free celebratory Doritos Locos Nacho Cheese taco today!