Smiley Morning Show World’s Okay-est Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12, and social media is FULL of the “world’s best moms,” so the Smiley Morning Show wants to shine the light on the World’s Okay-est Moms, presented by Puccini’s Pizza Pasta!

Sure, there are moms that have it all together, but then there are the moms that are just doing the best we can and The Smiley Morning Show wants to celebrate those moms! No, your kids don’t eat organic every meal, and often their meals come from a drive-through because you’re shuttling them back and forth to practices, but you made sure they ate! And maybe your kid is wearing the same shirt for the third day in a row, but it’s his favorite and at least he’s wearing a shirt. Or maybe you once forgot to pick your kid up for school, but eventually she made it home and you remembered her the other 179 school days.

Tell us why you are the okay-est mom you know (could be you or your mom) and the Smiley Morning Show could award them with:

  • One pair of tickets to P!nk, playing at Lucas Oil Stadium on Oct. 12
  • Jewelry & Flowers
  • Dinner at Harry & Izzy’s
  • A gift card & mug from Parlour Doughnuts

World’s Okay-est Mom 2024