Carter’s Diary: Day 1

Dear Diary… Today is the day that I head to Italy! I’m excited to see experience a new culture but also still confused on how I won a trip to take a tour on an olive grove. I don’t even remember signing up for something like that but when I followed up on the details of the invitation, everything seemed to be legit. Whatever. Why look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Not like I can afford a European excursion on my own. I just wish I was allowed to bring a plus one, but the invited was very clear that I was to come alone. I should remember to pack that, by the way. What is this stain on the parchment? Chocolate from my Pots and Pans grasshopper icebox pie that’s only available this month, while supplies last? Or is it something else…? Something tells me I should grab the old Marshall family dueling pistol, just in case, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to leave the country with a gun. Who cares? I don’t need it. What kind of trouble could I possibly get up to at an olive grove, right? Oh! Gotta go! My uber’s here! Talk to you soon, Diary. Love, Carter.