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Carter’s Diary: Day 6

Dear Diary,Today was a really good day! The sky was cloudy enough to keep me from getting too burnt, but the weather was so nice that I really had a great time fishing. The pineapple juice and rum that I drank all day was perfectly complemented by the cool, misty breeze coming off the ocean.…MORE

Carter’s Diary: Day 5

Dear Diary,We’re still on the water. I don’t have a lot to say. I guess days are like that. This diary will probably be like that too. Maybe it’s best to keep your expectations low on this. I mean, I’m writing because somebody told me to do, but I’m not always going to have an…MORE

Carter’s Diary: Day 4

Dear Diary,I just wanted to clear things up. I told some of the ship’s crew about my alien dreams and now they’re all running around, telling everyone that I had a sex dream about aliens with tentacles. I did NOT. There was no sex or sex adjacent activities involved in this dream. I never knowingly…MORE

Carter’s Diary: Day 3

Dear Diary,I’ve been traveling on this “yacht” for about a week and a half now and I think it’s starting to affect my mental health a little. There’s not much to do on this glorified pirate ship but drink wine, read these super old books, and go fishing off the deck. Usually, I’m doing all…MORE

Carter’s Diary: Day 2

Carter’s Diary: Day 2

Dear Diary,My travel plans to the Italian olive grove have been derailed. My flight to NYC was normal but when I arrived to the private airfield for the final flight to Italy, things started to get weird. There were only two buildings in this “airport”; an old lighthouse, and a hangar that was so neglected,…MORE

Carter’s Diary: Day 1

Carter’s Diary: Day 1

Dear Diary… Today is the day that I head to Italy! I’m excited to see experience a new culture but also still confused on how I won a trip to take a tour on an olive grove. I don’t even remember signing up for something like that but when I followed up on the details…MORE