Carter’s Diary: Day 2

Dear Diary,
My travel plans to the Italian olive grove have been derailed. My flight to NYC was normal but when I arrived to the private airfield for the final flight to Italy, things started to get weird. There were only two buildings in this “airport”; an old lighthouse, and a hangar that was so neglected, it looked like it was being held up by matchsticks. It could definitely use some love from Window Nation/Universal Windows Direct (whoever would pay me money to include them). The town car pulled right up to the short drive way of the light house and a hooded figure was standing just inside, with the door open. When I waved and said hello, they just beckoned me inside. The lighthouse was dark, with all the curtains closed but there were several torch sconces lit up on the walls and an old school oil lantern on the table near the door. Agatha, the woman who greeted me at the door, was even paler than I was which is surprising because I’ve been told I resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost. She explained that the plane, belonging to the grove’s Contessa was held up at the moment so I would have to take a boat all the way from New York to Italy. I’ve never been on an international boat trip but she assured me that this was a once in a lifetime experience and that the Contessa’s yacht was comfortable and extravagant. Agatha prepared me a gourmet steak dinner, complete with a wine pairing and creme brulee for dessert. Now I’m on the yacht, but it really resembles a pirate ship more than anything. Honestly, I’ve always thought pirates were kind of cool so I’m not mad about it but I think it’s going to be a while until we reach the main land. I’m a little wine drunk so I think it’s time for one more glass and then to hit the hay. Goodnight
Love, Carter