Carter’s Diary: Day 3

Dear Diary,
I’ve been traveling on this “yacht” for about a week and a half now and I think it’s starting to affect my mental health a little. There’s not much to do on this glorified pirate ship but drink wine, read these super old books, and go fishing off the deck. Usually, I’m doing all three at once. I have seen some interesting things at night. Lots of marine animals come to life when the sun goes down. Mostly whales, sharks, and jellyfish passing by the ship but I’ve also seen some lights in the sky. Obviously there is no light pollution to block out the stars and planets but I’ve also seen some pretty cool lights fliting around in the darkness. Two nights ago, I woke up thinking there was a helicopter above us. There was a bright bluish violet light that woke me up for a moment but disappeared after maybe less than a second. I guess it was a reflection of a light being shined by a passing ship. Who knows? It must have had some sort of effect on my subconscious because I just woke up to the craziest dream! In the dream, I was aboard a space ship. These weird creatures were interviewing me like I was in therapy or something. They wanted me to show them how to do human activities like making cereal and playing basketball. It was hard to properly dribble with their tentacles so I was finally the best hooper on the court. I also am pretty sure they offered to do space cocaine with me but I turned them down as they inhaled some blue powder off of their tentacles. Such a weird dream. Anyway, we have about two more weeks until we’ve made it to the olive grove. Nothing else interesting going on. I just thought I should jot that dream down before I forgot about it. Talk to you next time.
Love, Carter