Carter’s Diary: Day 5

Dear Diary,
We’re still on the water. I don’t have a lot to say. I guess days are like that. This diary will probably be like that too. Maybe it’s best to keep your expectations low on this. I mean, I’m writing because somebody told me to do, but I’m not always going to have an interesting day. It can’t all be (alleged) alien sex dreams and creepy lighthouses. Some days I just do regular stuff of no regard. So that was today. I just did regular stuff like breakfast, fishing, watching jellyfish float around, played card games with the crew, drank some wine, and ate 2 other times at the regular meal times. I’m still alive though, so that is something. I’m excited to get to the mainland cause this boat ride is starting to effect my writing skills. Something different will happen for tomorrow’s entry so definitely read that. Also, if you’re looking for a good cocktail, check out 8th Day Distillery’s June menu. That came just off the top of my head. They didn’t ask me to write that but if anybody like that wants to pay me, i’ll say something nice like that. Or mean, whatever the client is in to, ya know?
Love, Carter