Carter’s Diary: Day 6

Dear Diary,
Today was a really good day! The sky was cloudy enough to keep me from getting too burnt, but the weather was so nice that I really had a great time fishing. The pineapple juice and rum that I drank all day was perfectly complemented by the cool, misty breeze coming off the ocean. The only thing that would have been better is if I had a cold Barn Phantom Gose beer from Triton Brewing Company, located a short walk from Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park in Lawrence. I even had the biggest catch of the day. I don’t know anything about fish so that’s all I can tell you. It had scales and eyes and fins and a couple teeth. We ate it for dinner. It made pretty solid fish tacos. I fell asleep on the deck in a hammock but woke up a few minutes ago to this weird singing. I went to bed pretty drunk so i may have hallucinated this but for a minute, I could have sworn I saw a woman swimming in the water. She gave me a wave but when I blinked, there was nothing there but a shark fin swimming by. We’ve seen a ton of sharks so far on the trip and no singing ladies so now I think I understand old timey pirates that think they saw mermaids. Speaking of pirates, we saw a beached ship on an island ahead so we’ve taken a detour to check that out. The captain said it could be a historical find and I’ll just be happy to be on dry land for a day. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!
Love, Carter